Process of Life

Process of Life

The Process of Life what is it? From my perspective, it seems to be answered by everything else but one’s self. In life, we are constantly bombarded by advertisements, negative people, people that project themselves onto us. I am not immune to this and was heavily burdened by this for many years. The burden on my soul was immense and is still being mended. I am writing this in response to those who believe there is more and that holistic happiness is attainable. A complete and fulfilling Process of Life is within reach.

Younger Days

In my younger days, I was brought up in a working-class family. My parents always working giving us the best education they could afford. My interactions with other grown-ups were through my parents. I learned how to act, and handle myself through viewing their interaction. The foundation was building and it was not until I left the nest I found holes. I joined the military right out of High School and began my journey to become a Navy SEAL. Throughout that process, I had many interactions, and experiences.

The overarching attitude I had during this time was nothing short of harmful to me and to the progression of our collective abilities. I constantly judged people, gave little chance for anyone coming into the platoon, didn’t want to share experiences because I felt the person needed to prove themselves first.

Even after I got out of the military I felt overly “confident” which I soon realized the “confidence” I was experiencing was in reality arrogance. Looking back my arrogant attitude cut me off from many enhancing experiences. I was treating people as not good enough, even before I met them, I was a very toxic person. Going to college was, I felt a mere formality because I felt I knew everything already. What I found was that I put myself in a hole and was afraid to come out.


During my transition from military to civilian life, I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t find a decent job. I have all the right skills but no one wants to even consider me. My financial situation was in the dumpster, I and my family were living on shoestrings. I went from the leader of an elite group to scrapping myself off the ground every month. My 2 x 4 moment had arrived, and I could either succumb or find a better way. I did not quit but it was back to square one.

What I realized is that people from all walks of life have unique experiences. Some of those experiences are relevant and some others are not. The important part of that is how you listen and the ability to accept.  Not everyone is going to have a Ph.D., or a degree, or technical skills. What they do have is experience and you cannot take that away.

The experience is what creates dynamics and collaborative environments, innovation. It seemed as if my life had just begun and I was behind. I started to interact with people ask more questions and get involved. Not all experiences I resonated with, so I took what I needed and moved forward. I still look back at those experiences and appreciate what I learned.

Hero’s Journey

The Process of life is not achievements every 5 minutes and thinking you did it all by yourself. Or even thinking that someone does not deserve a certain piece of knowledge. Life is being able to share life.

The hero’s journey comes to mind. The hero’s journey is basically a 12 step process that starts with the hero looking for something, then having the experience to get the answer, and then coming back with something. Hollywood, book writers, etc., all use this outline. I am sure if you thought about it, your life follows the same path. You start somewhere, you’re looking for something so you venture off to have all the experiences, gain knowledge and return.  The most important part of this process is what you do when you return.

The Hero’s Journey from Iskander Krayenbosch on Vimeo.

Return with Something

When you return you have experienced more, gained more knowledge, and accomplished something. But what good is it if you do not share these things. You may as well stay where you are and do nothing. Sharing the experience, knowledge, and accomplishments with people and your environment is paramount for furthering society. It is also giving thanks to those who helped and supported you through it.

It is not riding in on your high horse, saying only a few if any are deserving. No one is better than anyone else. There are people that have absolutely achieved more than me and you. Those achievements, however, are meant to be shared. Sharing the way, you came about your achievements are the key.

This does not mean you give everyone the keys to the castle, but instead, you are mentoring and leading them. People still have to go through their own Hero’s Journey if they want the same success. Additionally, the ones who have gone through a similar journey should lend a helping hand, or advice so that maybe the person now going through the journey can go deeper or learning something more.

Collaboration, innovation and the progression of humankind is relying on these types of processes to happen.


Ultimately, the Process of Life is progressing life and facilitating knowledge and ensuring experiences are expanded on. Most of our modern smart devices have been through collaborative efforts, and people learning from others. Look at some of the most successful companies and people in the world.

Tony Robbins, he has an army of coaches to help anyone who is willing. Mr. Robbins also does seminars to share his experiences with others and help them progress. Companies like Google have opportunities for its employees to explore knowledge and experiment. Google is at the forefront of technology and controls a lot of resources. Google and Tony Robbins did not get this way by keeping everything to themselves. They shared it and gave back to the people who were willing to do the work and listen.

Furthermore, they did not disallow people from sharing an idea or asking a question.

You and I are thirsty for knowledge, we want to experience more of what we are passionate about. Even more to the point, you and I know it fulfills us more when we share our passion and expand someone else’s. The Process of Life is simple, sharing your experience and helping those around you.

Take the time to talk with a trustworthy colleague and share the trinkets and collaborate. It may just ignite your passion into a deeper realm you never thought possible. Go now continue the process of life and ignite your passion and while your at it Download my 10 Steps to Mental Strength List and really pour jet fuel on your journey.

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