no way out

No Way Out

No Way Out

Imagine your perfect life. What are the details, do you have a smile on your face? Can you feel the happiness and the fire burning bright within you? Then it happens you run into an obstacle, now what? Do you instantly get discouraged, looking for a way out taking you away from a hard situation? This is the crux, the point where you give yourself no way out.

This is where leading yourself is most important. When you imagine our life, you can imagine anything. Everything about it works out flawlessly, you are in control of what you imagine. When you experience these thoughts you leave happy.

One day you decide to take action, put one step in front of the other and move forward with your dreams. But before you truly commit you keep other options open. You don’t truly commit, which leaves the door open.

Now you are ready you have your ultimate goal in mind, the one that makes you the happiest. But you also have other options you left open just in case it doesn’t work out.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

You can be fully committed to your dream without quitting your day job. Because sometimes you need to fund your new endeavors, and there are still life’s necessities to pay for. So don’t sweat leaving your job just yet.

But here’s the deal. Most people go after their goals with the knowledge that their current job is waiting. The door is still open. Instead of relying on the fact that your job is waiting for you. Act like you are working towards never returning.

Have a goal lined out which signals you leaving your job. This not only gives you something to shoot for but it also satisfies your human urge for guidance and achievement.

The Big One

You know as well as I do the next best thing is in your facebook feed just waiting to be clicked. Promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Take my blueprint, apply it to anything and then BOOM you’re a millionaire by the end of the month.

What happens? You start to imagine yourself doing it their way. You smile at the prospect that it is just that easy. What if this could be my life in 4 weeks? What if I didn’t have to work so hard anymore? Maybe I’ll table my real dream and come back to it when I’m successful with this other, “easier” thing.

Does that sound familiar and almost too good to be true? In most cases, it is too good to be true. More importantly, what you have to understand is that these things are distracting you away from what really matters.

What really matters is you and your journey. Not anyone else’s copywriting, persuading you away from your true path. Start with this, when you start to feel excited at this new opportunity take a breath, walk away and then ask yourself is this getting me closer to my goal.

If the answer is no, move on, if it is yes dig a little deeper before stepping into it. Also and just as important remember to pay attention to your brain attempting to talk yourself into something you may not need.

There are plenty of other things out there to help you advance towards your goal. Looks for the things that align properly and take action.

Lead Yourself

Everything that has been written up to this point is all about your willingness and ability to lead yourself. Without your ability to lead yourself you will not have the ability to savor your own success.

Be honest and kind to yourself. No one is a born to lead, only your ability and willingness to experience different things help to get you into the leadership mindset.

When was the last time you wanted to do something? Did you do it? Why or why not? What did you get out of it once you completed it or didn’t start it at all? These questions are important and need to be answered honestly, they will give insight into your experience.

Those experiences should be dissected to help teach you how to treat certain situations, how to talk with people, how to solve problems. Because really, that’s what being a leader is no matter if it’s just for you or to others. Your ability and willingness to solve problems good and bad is paramount.

You wouldn’t run and hide if you absolutely had to figure a way to help your family. Don’t do it to yourself either.

No Way Out

Give yourself no other options, when you encounter the latest get rich quick money idea take a pause before acting.

TV, sleep, eating, playing video games, etc. are good in some cases and essential to your health in others. But they also come as a form of distraction because some or even all of them make you comfortable.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable until it becomes a way of life for you. You start to look for what is easy, instead of what is necessary. The comfort conditions you to do nothing outside of being comfortable. But when you get up from your comfort you realize it is years later and you still haven’t started.

You gave yourself to many options, and as I said before those options come in the form of what is easier, and/or what is more comfortable.

The cycle continues with you starting and stopping at the first sign of discomfort because you have left your options open. Taking you off the path of leading yourself and achieving your true goals.

There is no way out if you are truly committed, leading yourself, and willing to make a change.


You are in charge of your life, your thoughts, what you experience, what you can do, who you meet, etc. Every aspect of your life is in your own control. You may have the belief that some things about you personally are out of your control. That is not true.

No one else has control over your brain, absolutely no one. You can make new connections, new beliefs, and reinforce things within your mind anytime you want. It’s not always easy to break bad habits but it is possible, just by believing in yourself that it is possible.

Make time for yourself right now to work towards your goal, if you just start by taking 30 minutes to imagine. You are still making progress, from there increase the time spent, and then start to line out your goal.

Make time for yourself to have no way out, and only your success in focus. Do what it takes and you will be rewarded. Take action now, be an Alpha, not an Omega.

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