Mental Conditioning

Mental Conditioning

In today’s world of getting things done, it is easy to get sidetracked or lose focus. There are 6 Steps to Mental Conditioning; everyone should take to be effective in society. Mental conditioning is not just reading regularly, playing mental games on your phone, and suppressing your frustrations. Mental conditioning is about applying the skills, knowing how, when, and where to apply the skills. The people that have the mental conditioning will continue to be successful because of their conditioning.

6) Continue To Pursue Knowledge:

The foundation of a strong mentally conditioned mind is education. Continuing to pursue educational opportunities that interest you, will inspire you more than doing something you hate. I am not saying you have to go out and learn everything but if something interests you go out and learn about it. Have you ever learned something, and later it comes up in a conversation at your job? You either spoke up or at least followed along more readily, right. Didn’t that feel empowering? Another possibility is that you get inspired, or you gain a new perspective that could put you on your life’s path.

5) Sift Through Your Mind:

This step requires taking a little time away from all the hustle and bustle. You will write every idea you have down on paper, you will then sift through these ideas. Decide which ideas mean something and which ones don’t make a priority list. Do you feel the mental relief?

4) Meditate:

I can’t stress this step enough, Meditation is an extremely effective way of honing the ideas you discovered above. You may feel anxious about your ideas, or overwhelmed. Find a quiet space, set your intention before meditating, clear your mind and let the experience happen. Meditation clears the mind of all the fluff and gets you to the point. It is a good idea after meditation to write your experience down.

3) Create a Plan:

After you have realized your intentions it is important to make a plan. Making a plan will help keep you on

After you have realized your intentions it is important to make a plan. Making a plan will help keep you on track, and help you decide your next steps in life. Your plan can be fluid, I recommend fluidity. I remember in BUD/s I made a plan during Hell Week that I would make it to the next meal. The intention was a chance to rest and have a slight amount of comfort to get me inspired to move forward. You can make your plan as detailed or not detailed as you want. I suggest you state a descriptive task and give the intention for the task. By making a descriptive task, you are effectively giving yourself a quick reminder. Stating the intention in the plan will help you realize the importance when and if you question the step.

2) Decipher What Is Necessary:

Now that you have your plan you are ready to move forward with the best intentions. Your mind is like a fortress that can’t be broken, but things will come up. Don’t get discouraged, it’s in these moments you go and refer to your plan and decipher if this obstacle will help or not. Obstacles help us grow into what we need to become for the next phase in our plan. Accept the challenge but be sure to refer to your plan regularly so you do not get sidetracked.

1) Focus:

Everything leading up to this point has gotten you ready to have undoubted focus. Your focus is born from the initial idea and it can only be satisfied by moving forward. Stay Focused. Focusing your conditioned mindset is a wheel in motion that cannot be stopped.

Having a conditioned mind in this day and age is important.  The distractions we face in the world can continually knock us off track, so it is important to be aware. If you do get distracted be knowledgeable of the consequences associated with the distraction.  Sift through your ideas, and focus back on your intended path. The more readily you realize your mental condition is in jeopardy the more effective you will be.

What are you going to do today to get mentally conditioned?

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