What’s the first thing you picture when you hear the word meditate or meditation? A guy or gal sitting legs crossed peacefully with no distractions? Maybe you think of all the spiritual people from faraway lands that seem to always be happy walking around in robes.

Whatever your perception is of meditation or the people that do meditation, the bottom line is it is important. Just as working out is important to the health of your physical body. Meditation is important to your spiritual body. I’m not talking about religion or going to church every Sunday. I’m talking about your spiritual higher self.

Your higher self needs to be worked out as much as your physical body needs to be worked out. The universe communicates to you through your higher self and if it is not in good health. You will most likely get unhealthy results.  

But Can It Help Me Physically?

If you’re not into hearing about your higher self and its health then look at what meditation does for your physical body.

  • Reduce Stress
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self Awareness
  • Lengthens Attention Span
  • Helps with Memory Loss
  • Can Help With Addiction
  • Helps Give You a Positive Outlook

In the world today people are going a million miles an hour trying to keep up. People are becoming more disconnected from one another with the help of all the distractions. Our attention spans have been reduced to 14 seconds or even less by now.

You and I need to implement meditation for the betterment of not just ourselves but society. Just imagine if people had just an ounce more emotional health and less stress and anxiety. I’m sure more frowns would be turned upside down.


Negative or Positive? It is completely your choice. You are in control of either result. You just have to realize what is happening. But I get it, sometimes we are so clouded by our own self-beliefs. That we see things as perfect or the way it should be. Basically, you were destined to have an extremely hard time and everyone else has it easy (Negative Outlook).

I know this feeling because that was me. No one could tell me different, everything was perfect I really walked around thinking whats new surprise has life got for me now?  The thing was I didn’t even think this was bad. People walking around with smiles making things happen aggravated me. I felt they were the problem, I just needed more people that thought the same as me.

Big mistake, I ended up in situations unbeneficial for me and the others. Nothing ever really worked out in that group, because we expected it to never work out. It was like we predicted our individual demise even before the attempt. But then it hit me.

Don’t Get Out Of Control

I’m in control. It took me seeing how the group I was running with was not conducive to my health or success. The lack of support and quickness to keep me small left me with a pit in my heart. Surrounding myself with the wrong people, thinking negative, and going into opportunities with a “this is going to fail,” mentality was not serving me.

Notice I didn’t say at any time I was being forced to act this way. No one held me hostage and said you will do this or its curtains for you.

I realized it was all me. I could at a moments notice switch my thinking and start to go about my life differently. But how was I going to switch my processes after living my life a certain way for so long?


If I had to name just one activity that made a huge impact on my life for the better it would be meditation.  

The short list above, every single one of those things I have experienced. My negative outlook is all but a distant memory at this point. I’m however I went through those dark days so I know if they are creeping up again.

The best part about meditation is that it is extremely easy and you don’t need a special room dedicated to it either. You can start meditating now right this instant. Unless you’re doing something that requires a lot of attention, maybe hold off until your finished.

You don’t need to sit down legs crossed, with pillows, incense, tranquil music, or beads and crystals. You can just come as you are and let your mind wander.

Let me break it down.

1. Try to find a quiet space

This is helpful especially when you’re starting out. You will need to be able to pay attention to where your mind is wandering too. This space could be a room, your car, technically it doesn’t even have to be super quiet.

If you love going to the gym and your mind wanders a lot while you’re working out pay attention to your thoughts. Do you like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, walking, running, etc. Anything you thoroughly enjoy can be considered your quiet space.

Your mind goes into a peaceful state when you’re doing the things you love it allows your mind to think freely. Now that you know you have been meditating, do it with purpose. Take note of your experience.

If you take notes about your workout, walk, or adventure just add a note about your meditation.


If possible it is always good to have an intention when going into your wandering state. Just like if you went on a leisurely walk, your intention is probably to relax, experience nature, the community, put a smile on your face.

You can go in blind with no question and see what comes out. I do this a lot and it is an interesting state I would save until you experience meditation with intentions first.

Meditation is no different, it can work really well if you know what you want to wander about. It goes something like this, “Today I want to know why this last launch didn’t work out,” or “Why is my message not being received properly.”

Either of these questions is valid, but make the intentions specific to you and your situations. Your higher self is waiting to help you just have to ask it.


At first, when you start to pay attention you may experience all the thoughts from your day or everything you need to accomplish.

JUST LET IT FLOW. This is extremely important and where most people stop meditating. You do not need to break a brain muscle trying to stop these thoughts from coming in. Believe me, my mind is spinning over a million miles an hour, and impossible to stop. You just have to let it flow through you.

When the thought about buying groceries, preparing for a meeting, doing sales calls, updating this, that and the other thing comes up. Just allow the thought to complete and let it move forward. Some people would say control these thoughts and don’t allow them to come forward when meditating. Like your putting everything into a spiritual battle for brain space.

The major issue is that those thoughts are important to you and by suppressing them you may cause them to become more annoying. In turn, this makes it impossible for you to really wander.

Instead of playing mental space games, just allow the thought to complete and move forward. The tax on your brain will go down and your experience meditating will be that much better.


I hinted at this one earlier. You need to take notes about where your mind was wandering. This will help you discover hidden passions, pitfalls, and potential successes. Nothing worse than to be given the keys to the castle and not writing down where the hiding spot is.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, if you have a notebook use it, if you have a 3 ring binder and paper use it. Even writing things down on whatever you have just to get the thought out and saving it, is better than nothing.

Your mind has messages and just like any message that is important you write them down. Preferably before you interact with someone or something forget the key points uncovered during your session.

Meditation Roundup

This should not be complicated at all. If something isn’t working for you, try something different. There are no rules that say you have to meditate a certain way. I know a lot of people who meditate by doing what they truly enjoy.

Don’t listen to the people who saw it done by some guru and said this is it never accepting you and your situation. Every one of us is different and especially our situations. If you can’t go to the zen temple every day don’t worry about it. You will have downtime in your day, just meditate during those times.

Remember to keep everything about this simple, align it with you and set your intentions properly and you can’t lose.

Your mind is a powerful tool with so much potential. You were put here for a reason, and discovering that reason is right inside your brain. Getting it from your brain to reality can be tough. Having gone through this myself I want to help you discover your true calling and potential.

Take a look at the course offerings designed to get you to the top as fast as possible. Want a little more one on one time set an appointment and give me a call.

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