How to Be Brave

How To Be Brave

How To Be Brave

Imagine, You’re about to go out on stage in front of an unknown number of people. You say to yourself Be Brave. You feel anxious, excited, your heart is beating louder and louder. You say it again be brave. What if I forget everything I was supposed to say? What if after I’m done no one claps, and everyone just stares at me? But you go out there anyway, and then… 

You may be afraid but you know you can do this, it is something you have always wanted in life. Being noticed for your unique message, whether it is speaking or making the next best widget. You are finally able to do exatly what you love, help people, and for the first time have a true smile on your face.

Be Brave

Okay great but what does that mean? You first have to feel some sort of discomfort. The dictionary defines brave as: endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear. Nice. Now that we got that out of the way.

Should you go find trouble and try to fix it, build a company of your own and start helping people or rush into the board meeting you weren’t invited to? Maybe, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you cringe at any one of those possibilities above you are on the right track.

How do you be brave towards your own life, towards your own goals, towards just getting started?

5. Make a list

Here’s where it all starts. You have to get the thoughts out of your head and in front of your eyeballs. You have to make it real, instead of just thinking about it. Once you can see your thoughts, you can then start to make it into your reality. 

Don’t be afraid or hesitate(we will deal with this soon) of what you are writing just get it out and onto paper.

While your building your list you will eventually hit the big items. The big items are the items that make your stomach uneasy or you instantly scoff at, just the slightest thought of doing them makes you say, “Yeah Right.”

Take these big items one step further and give them a short explanation. The explanation should go into a small amount of detail, explaining your initial thoughts, feelings, and why it’s important to complete.

Take your time, and really be honest with yourself it will be extremely important in the next step.

4. Prioritize the list

Remember that list you just made? Now it is time to put things in order of importance. Of course, everything on the list is important but there is most likely something on your list that made you stop and reconsider.

Now you’re looking at your list and telling yourself,” why did I even write such a thing it will never happen.” Or “It would be amazing if this happened but probably won’t happen for me.”

Knock that shizz off, you are in control of your own situation. You aren’t turning this list into anyone for a grade. You are creating your own path, so be honest with yourself so you get honest results.

Know that you are being honest with yourself there is just one last thing to do. Put the biggest, most uncomfortable thing at the top of the list. What is the one thing that makes you question yourself more than anything else?

Take your time…… Got it? Alright now go through the entire list and put everything in order just as you did before. What’s the second most uncomfortable thing, then the 3rd and so on until the list is prioritized completely.

3. Make a plan

Okay, let’s focus on the biggest, meatiest most uncomfortable thing on your list. How are you going to accomplish this task? It is alright if you don’t know, because in my opinion if you knew the whole time you probably would have done it already.

Or even more, if you know everything about it right now at this very moment. It probably doesn’t scare you that much, this item on your list is most likely a comfortable, uncomfortable #1. Basically, it probably shouldn’t be #1 because in most cases a true #1 is something you want to do but have no idea on how to accomplish it.

Now back to #1 what are the things associated with #1 that needs to be done to accomplish the goal.

For example, you want to be an Archery Master(not sure why this popped up but let’s go with it) it scares the hell out of you to even think about it. But it’s something that has always interested you. Let’s break this down even further. I will probably need a Bow, arrows, a practice area, a local shop to ask questions, where can I get information beyond the store, is there a class available etc.

Hopefully, you get the point here. You are trying to get this big awesome thing into smaller pieces that are easier for you to digest. It is not as important to prioritize this sublist, you just need to be willing to go after one thing at a time at this point.

2. Realize you don’t know everything

Remember I said you had to be willing, be brave as well because you’re going to have to be honest with yourself in this step. Realize you do not have all the answers and will need to venture beyond your comfort zone.

But don’t be afraid you have the sublist you just made to guide you.

You may realize some of the things on your sublist you already know pretty well. Now ask, how are those things you know already going to help you accomplish another unknown task?

Most importantly if you don’t know, ask. The hardest thing for most people is to ask for help. They may not want to seem less than or they assume they will be made fun of and become embarrassed. Why go through the hassle?

Realize this, a true leader is someone who asks for help when necessary and provides help when necessary. By asking you will quickly realize the types of people you are interacting with, good, bad or ugly. If they’re less then good, you don’t have to surround yourself with those types of people. You have free reign to create your own true environment of inspiration. 

This step comes down to your willingness to go after your goals, not anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, tell yourself you don’t know everything, ask for help and stand in that power with confidence to make things happen.

1. Go out and make it happen

Now Take Action. You have everything in front of you, all you need to do now is take one step forward and let momentum continue to carry you forward.

You may find as you’re going for your goals, that they blossom into something far beyond what you ever could have imagined. Let the process flow and fall into the flow. The doors will open, it’s up to you to choose what to do next.


Nothing about your life is meant to be stagnant. You were put here to do something great, but you have to show your purpose and drive and the universe will answer.

But it all starts with you. You must lead yourself first before you think you can even achieve your highest potential. No more hesitation required. Don’t judge anything about yourself, the voices in your head that are trying to stop you. Need to be silenced. Do you know the best part about the voices or even the negative people in your life?  You can tell them to shut up anytime you want.

You just have to stand up for yourself and do it.

Get up right now, stand up tall, be proud. Stand up for yourself and make a major difference in your life and the lives of others.

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