About Me

The Year was 2015 and my racing season had come to a close. But I wanted to go for one last mountain bike ride with some friends before winter. On the way back there was a section of loose gravel which was nothing new. Until I came into a corner a little to hot. Next thing you know I’m flying over the top of my handlebars. Like a rocket aiming for the ground, my right shoulder detonated on impact. I knew it was my right shoulder because I heard a loud POP. 
In the immediate aftermath I dusted myself off, moved around a little. Everything seemed fine. Being full of adrenaline it took about 30 seconds for me to realize, the real damage. My right shoulder had dropped about 4 inches and my collar bone was trying to come out of my skin. I then had to ride 10 miles back to my car in extreme pain, tying my hand to my handle bars so I could control my bike. I got to my car. Then started my 2 year recovery journey that spurred something bigger.  
This experience gave me new insight into what a good coach and proficient masseuse could do. Yes I went to PT but my results were slight at best. I started to realize there is another was. By having the right team around me I started to regain my ability to use my arm again.
Since that time I have looked left when everyone has been looking right. My approach combines Strength Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, and Mind Coaching. The difference is in the application. It’s more then just one or the other it is everything together.
For the last 15 years I have been training first timers to professional athletes. I focus on what makes you unique. We work together to help you achieve. There is no one size fits all, what makes someone successful doesn’t mean that will make you successful.
There is a formula and we can find it together.
You should be treated as the unique human you are, and not given blanket direction. The great news is everything I do is made for you. We start by assessing your flexibility and mobility and then go from there. Because without a strong foundation everything you build is on unstable ground. Helping you move better is the goal, so you can do anything and everything you want in life.
What’s Stopping You?