90 Days

You have 90 days to make a lasting change or there will be no change at all. Can you remember the last 90 days? What were you doing 90 days ago that you aren’t doing today? Here’s the truth, 90 days of work will get you ready for the next 90 days.

You have to use these next 3 months as building blocks for the following 3 months. Because here’s the deal. You have to work at your inspiration in 90-day sections to keep your motivation alive.

Just remember back to those questions, what have you been doing for the last 90 days? If you can’t remember it’s most likely you had no focused purpose in the first place.

Don’t worry you are going to fix this right away. First, remember back to a time in your life where you just got inspired and said to yourself, “I’m doing this” and/or “This is the beginning of something awesome.” Now really remember that feeling, maybe write down a short description so you can cement it in there.

Don’t sweat it if you can’t remember a time in your life that this has happened to you. We will cover that soon.

Inspiration Takes Inspiration

The cold hard facts about life are that there are too many things going on in life to distract you away from what you’re doing. You have a routine, everybody does.  Your routine before you got inspired, went to the conference, talked to the motivational person, said to yourself I’m fed up and making a change is your comfort zone.

The routine is what you know and could perform on autopilot. The problem is your autopilot demands your focus. It’s like the annoying neighbor playing loud heavy metal music and having late night parties all the time.

It demands your attention and it will take some serious work and courage to go over to your neighbor’s door and tell them to shut the hell up.

Your motivation, newly found inspiration, drive, or whatever you want to call it has a life span on it. That life span is 90 days no matter who you are, even as a SEAL Team member motivation has to be continuously monitored and renewed by the individual.  

Yes, even at such a high level there are breaks in the motivation chain. What does that mean for you and me? It means you are not alone in the hunt for continuous improvement and inspiration.

But how do you get there? How do you maximize your 90 days?

Find it First

This especially goes for the person who cannot remember a time in their life where they were inspired. You have to do the work, lead yourself into your inspiration. If your ego is getting in the way by telling you not to do this that or the other thing.

You first need to shut your ego down. When I was in the SEAL Teams I believed I needed to present myself as strong all the time. My version of strong meant no emotions, no crying, winning every competition, and taking no advice from anyone I didn’t know.

That attitude shut me off from the world. I think back now to the people I met, and realize how much of the advice I was given has come true. I chose not to listen to the deeper part of myself and allowed my ego to overcompensate and lead me down a much harder path.

You have to shed the ego or shut it down completely. Nothing about it is helpful when it comes to finding your inspiration. I bet when you’re driving in your car by yourself and just thinking, or when you let your thoughts take you to a place you would rather be, inspiration strikes.

The motivation or inspiration you feel by your wandering thoughts is the place you need to hold. But first, you have to lead yourself into that space. Trust yourself and allow yourself to move forward.

Don’t be embarrassed, start thinking about what others will or won’t say, this is you and you alone. Finding your community is part of this whole equation, things may need to change but it’s for the best.

Maximize It

You have found your inspiration, shut your ego down and you are ready to lead yourself into your inspiration. Become the Alpha of your own life.

Now there are two types of inspiration. Mini Inspiration and overall inspiration. Mini inspiration is something you want to try. By just taking the first step and trying something you are indirectly becoming more comfortable. Comfortable with taking the necessary unknown steps to bigger challenges.  

Overall Inspiration is different from mini inspiration because you been trying to achieve overall inspiration your whole life. Overall inspiration is something you think about and instantly get a smile on your face. Everything falls away and you just feel better. That is the overall goal.

To start your journey towards your overall inspiration and to maximize your inspiration. Take action towards the discovery of whatever it is you are inspired by. If you have always wanted to be a fly fisher, then go and discover what the best rivers are, the best flies for that river, how to even get involved, is there training you can take?

You may find you love your new found passion, and ask yourself why you never did this before. Or you may find you started this new journey just to meet a certain person, or to have other opportunities present themselves.

In either case, you are getting many benefits by taking action towards these new found inspirations. Don’t expect everything to become a lifelong quest for perfection either. Sometimes you are just meant to experience something for a certain amount of time and take those lessons forward.  

With fly fishing, the lesson may just be to learn patience, taking advantage of life, or just how to quiet the mind.  Most importantly you have to be open to learning from those experiences. That is the true maximizer.

Start a New Routine

Remember that nagging routine, being loud when you want it quiet, inconsiderate of everything you want. This is where you need to start small and go big.

The best way for you to start this new routine is to write down and do 1 thing the first day towards your inspiration. Then 2 things the second day. If that is to fast, write down and do one thing the first week then a second thing the next week. Continue this process and you will build a new routine.

Much like creating new habits this takes work, not just mindless work, focused inspired work. You have to remind yourself why you’re doing this every day so you can dominate the next 90 days and so on.

90 days will be here and gone before you know it. Everybody waits for their favorite season if you’re a skier winter is probably your favorite. If you’re a beach lover summer is something you look forward to. Think about those seasons they last right around 90 days. Just like the seasons, your inspiration will have seasons.

But if you take focused action during the next 90 days and maximize every day; by writing down and accomplishing one thing each day or each week. You will have a new routine in 90 days which will give you momentum into the next 90 days.  

Have a Normal Check In

Lastly, and just as important take the list you have been creating of all the things you have accomplished and evaluate them. You don’t have to be critical of yourself, you just have to see that you’re making progress.

Especially when you feel like you have done nothing or progressed to nowhere. The list you have created will help inspire further action. Because you are showing yourself, you are capable of doing what you need to do.

The list can also drum up all the things you have learned from those experiences, or show you something you missed. Giving you an idea of where to go from here.

That simple list of your progress you have been keeping may seem like nothing but it is critically important for your check-ins.  


90 days may seem like a long time but in reality, it isn’t. When you got out of school for summer, I’m sure you never heard, “I wish summer was over.” It’s more likely, “I wish it was still summer.”

You have all the tools you need to make the next 90 days the best and most inspiring days you have ever had. This next 90 days will be the momentum you need to carry you beyond what you thought possible.

Lead yourself to victory, live your life like an Alpha for the first time and make an impact you will never forget. Do what it takes and you will be rewarded. Take action now.

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