5 steps to living your life and stop going through the motions

5 Steps To Living Your Life and STOP Going Through The Motions

5 Steps To Living Your Life and STOP Going Through The Motions

5 things that’s it, just 5 steps to living your life and stop going through the motions. These 5 things will get you into the flow of your own life and bring a smile back to your face. I’m talking about being happy and excited from the time you wake up to the time you sleep. Even your dreams will be awesome.

Remember back in school when you didn’t like a subject, but you had to do it anyway to pass? You just went through the motions, because you had to. Once you grew up and got out of school you continued to do what you were programmed to do.

Go To School, Get Good Grades, Go to College, Get a Good Job, Buy a House Have a Family, The End.

Sound familiar, this is exactly what society wants us to do because it is easier to control. Nowhere in this plan does it say do what you love. Interesting the one thing you should be doing in your life didn’t even make the list. There is no option for discovery. Get off track, or get bad grades and you are in no man’s land.

Your Not Alone

Every person on this planet is meant to do the things they love, to help one another and to progress society for the better.

Nothing about the standard set in society encourages anyone to do what they love. You are told that a person who is successful in business is just a mythological person who can’t be duplicated. The person came from wealth, they were given all the right opportunities, no one would ever buy from me, or its just not for you. Whatever you want to tell yourself, just understand its all bullshit.

You and everyone else can do exactly what you were meant to do, and help others in the process. If your not comfortable with the idea of helping others I’m here to tell you have been helping people your entire life. You just never realized it.

If you currently work or when you did work the place you work/worked at fixes a problem for people. Whether it is selling steel or setting up appointments for heart surgery. Every business and every job you have ever had has been to in one capacity or another to help someone else.  

Get Comfortable With Helping Others

Does it make you feel good to know that you are helping others every day? Look at it from a positive perspective. You were part of solving someone’s issue, and without you, it would have been that much harder for the person in need.

The best part is you were doing this by just going through the motions in life. Now imagine if you were actually focused. Absolutely doing exactly what you love and what you have always wanted to do. Imagine the happiness on both sides for you and the people you are helping.

5. You are Here to Help Others.

Instead of being negative and saying well F that I want to get mine first. Think about it, if you have always wanted to be an inventor. You are going to need to invent something to help people with something. If you always wanted to be a business owner, you need customers and customers only come if you can fix their problem. Even if you wanted to just go and help nature you still need to know what problems to solve for the planet. Even by helping the planet, animals, or the universe you are still helping others.

For me, I went into the military to help protect my country it was not a selfish act. But even if I did it just for myself I, in turn, would be in war with the entire goal to help others. After the military, I started my own business to help people.

I want people to believe in themselves again, to never allow the majority to sway their minds, to be able to make their own decisions and to become limitless and unstoppable again. But there was a lot of things to set up for this business that at first glance you would say isn’t helping.

Still Helping

Setup website, get the software, place ads. All of which is necessary to have a membership site for visitors to explore and to notify them of something awesome. But also everything working together seamlessly to make the experience for others enjoyable and ensure they are getting their questions answered.

Even with these backend systems, I’m helping people decide whether it is good or bad, solve a problem, get the information, etc.

Realize that in every aspect of life you are helping others. Embrace this concept and think about your current situation and how you have been helping others this whole time. Does it make you feel good or bad? If bad, really think about what your helping people do, is it negative? Or maybe you just don’t believe in the cause enough. If you are stuck in this arena take this as a sign that when you start to take action to veer far from this area.   

4. Recognize You Are Doing This

Now that you realize helping others is essential. You now need to realize you have fallen into the trap of other peoples plans. Remember back to societies plan, go to school, get good grades, etc.

That is someone else’s plan, you weren’t born thinking yeah let’s go to school and then get a job. You were thinking about what all the possibilities were. Realize right now that this is not happening. You have accepted your reality and you have stuffed your creativity down deep so you can just live life the way you are right now.

The good news is once you realize this is happening it brings the attention back to your creativity and you can start to explore it. On the weekend you can now have direction and focus to open your creative box.

During your next free moment take 5 minutes and let your mind wander and imagine. Think about all the possibilities you have always wanted.

3. Make a Plan

I hinted on this a little bit in the last section but make it a priority. It is alright to be scared because you are going into the unknown. But let me hit you with this thought. Instead of being scared, be excited. You are tapping into something you haven’t tapped into since you were little.

The thing you dream about doing when you’re all by yourself wants to come out and create your ideal life.

But before we get too far down the road we need to take focused action so your dreams become reality. Fully committing and not going through the motions anymore. Instead, make the motions happen and creating your own true reality.  

Get out a calendar, or a notebook, something you will use. Don’t just go through the motions with this, take action and commit to using this tool.

Now write down one thing you are going to do this week to explore your dream. Then after the first week write two things, and continue this cycle until your week is full of exploration. Let your plan take shape and allow it to guide you forward.

2. Take One Step Forward (Programming can be undone)

Now that you have been exploring, it’s time to put things in motion to get you into living your actual dream.

How can you monetize this dream you have. What training would be beneficial to get you from exploring your dream to living the dream?

You have to go into this step with solid intentions. What are you trying to get out of this next step? Does the training get your further down the road, does the experience you’re about to have distract or focus you even more?

Take the next 10 minutes and make a list of things that you don’t know. For example, I don’t know how to paint (if you have always wanted to paint). Continue through this process with everything you don’t know. After you have about 5 things you don’t know on your list, look for training that will teach you to paint.

You have to be honest with yourself especially during this step and during the entire 5 steps. You can remain in the same cycle by allowing your ego to tell you falsehoods or you can turn it off. Do yourself a favor and turn your ego off and really allow yourself to advance.

1. Fully Commit Go With Purpose

Now the most important step. Go in fully committed if you have always wanted to be a painter go learn to paint. Even if it turns out to be a solid hobby or you don’t like it at all. By learning to paint and getting out of your comfort zone you have taken a big first step toward your own life.

Everything about these 5 steps is to learn about you and getting you to the exact place you want to be in life. To live the life you have always wanted to live.

But you have to be fully committed. You have been dreaming your whole life, you recognize you’re going through the motions, you made a plan and have taken the first step. Now maximize everything about this journey by going in with a positive attitude and believing in yourself.

Fully commit, you are a smart person with something to give society. Believe in yourself and commit to getting yourself to your true life, NOW.

Motions Wrap Up

If you’re overwhelmed at this point or you don’t quite grasp how this could be possible. Just at the very least get out of doing what everyone else has told you to do. Do at least one thing for yourself right now.

It is important that you take back control of yourself and mental state. Society wants you to be scared about doing anything outside of what everyone else is doing. If your cool with that and comfortable, just do yourself a favor and try to get a little uncomfortable and gain a little taste of true happiness again.

Take Action

I believe in you, you are capable of so much more then you give yourself credit for. These 5 steps to living your true life if done with complete commitment will open doors you never thought were there.

Take action and no one said to race through these, take your time. But most importantly TAKE ACTION NOW. Your life is waiting it’s up to you to find it.  

Need a nudge or someone to guide you through the fire? Take a peek at the course offering on the products page or at the very least check out the 10 Steps to Mental Strength List. These courses are designed to give you the mental strength and direction necessary to become unstoppable at life. Or if you’re like me and like to have a little more guidance, schedule a 1 hr coaching call(Free the first time) and let me see how I can help.


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