4 Steps To Effective Leadership

4 Steps To Effective Leadership

4 Steps To Effective Leadership

Operations officer, CEO, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Director of Human Resources, Manager, etc. These are all titles I’m sure you have all seen before. Some of you may even have held or hold one of these titles currently. These titles mean nothing, absolutely nothing if you are unable to lead yourself. The good news is there are 4 steps to effective leadership that can be achieved by those who are willing to lead themselves first. 

We are surrounded by titles. You can’t get away from them, it’s how you describe something or someone in a short amount of time. Every title above is easy to place because you have either been this person or worked in a place with these titled people.

What were these people like? Where they true leaders or were they a boss throwing their weight around? Some people just wait for the opportunity to be in a position of power so they can tell people what to do. They just love treating people like they are less than. Only treating certain people favorably because they suck up to them.

Now imagine you are in the same position and you treated everyone with respect. You know how to utilize a person’s talents, get them motivated, see everything that is going on with your people. Acting when necessary to help solve problems, be tough when called for, support when necessary, and defend when necessary. Your people happily work hard for you, and you work hard for them because you are a true LEADER.

But how do you become a true leader? How do you avoid becoming a boss?

4. Lead Yourself First

When I achieved my first leadership position I was one of the youngest operators in my platoon. I was content with being the best in my current position. But I was given the opportunity to lead and I had no idea what to do.

During my first real trip in my new found position, I was put in a situation were one of the guys did not have his gear. Needless to say, I was mad and I took it out on the guy. While I was yelling and laying down the punishment it didn’t feel right. But this is how I was taught from previous leaders, a lot of yelling and iron fists.  

Come to find out some of his teammates thought it would be funny to play a joke on him. I guess the goal was to make him look bad and laugh while it was happening. What they didn’t realize is that it put him in a limited position and he couldn’t help the platoon as readily.

Ultimately, the way I acted put a huge rift in the platoon. It put me on an island away from my team. I could barely get anyone to do anything, and I would always catch some attitude. It was a hard road, a tough pill to swallow that I messed up. The only way out was to lead myself first and put myself in their shoes.

I realized that was no way to handle a situation. Being seen as a dictator instead of a leader is not something I set out to do. I had to realize what leadership is and it all starts with you. You have to realize your own problems, be willing to hold yourself accountable and be willing to learn. 

3. What would a good leader do?

If you can’t show up on time, don’t expect others to show up on time. Or if you expect everyone to be physically fit and ready to go, and you can barely walk up the stairs. Don’t expect your people to become badasses.

You are the example, people look to you for guidance. If you are always miserable, yelling at people, giving no respect, telling people to accomplish something and you have no intention of helping or guiding them. Especially if people don’t want to come and ask you for help, because they have no trust in you or you will belittle them. You are not a leader you are a boss.

This is exactly what I was when I got my first leadership position and I had to realize my own issues. It was difficult but necessary.

If you want to make a huge change in others, lead your company to the next mountain top. Successfully do anything you need to be willing to analyze yourself and be willing to help others.

This is the true science, being the first one, to tell yourself you are messing up, or that you need to fix something. Do not put your own junk on others, or perpetuate bad cycles through others. Don’t be afraid to seek guidance from true leaders, gain a mentor, find some good books. Do anything to learn what you need to do.

If you are truly willing and dedicated you will find what you need to improve.

2. Don’t Bring Your Own Problems

Pay attention to this one because you are in charge of your own issues. But there is a problem when you put your own problems on others.

Often when a person gets a titled position they start to put their own issues on others. For example, if you always had a problem with how you were being led before your current leadership position. But at the same time, it is the only leadership you have ever experienced and you have nothing else to pull from. The next logical thing that happens is you give those under you the same experience. Perpetuating the dismal cycle.

You put your problems on those you lead now, and you are treating them the exact way you hated being treated. But somehow it gives you some satisfaction to see others feeling what you felt.

In this situation, you are bringing your own problems to your position. Nothing about what your doing is improving the situation and you are only perpetuating the cycle. You are not inspiring anyone, you are just creating a disgruntled group of teammates reluctantly going through the motions.

Just because you were treated a certain way doesn’t mean you treat others the same. Get out of your own way and don’t focus on things that are unnecessary. 

1. Don’t Focus On The Title

Focus on your people, they are the ones that need you to lead them. You are not working for a title you are working for your people.

There were times when I was in the platoon that I needed to step up for my teammates. My team wasn’t perfect and they got into trouble on various occasions. But no one was allowed to yell, reprimand, or interact with my people about the situation unless it came through me first.

I wanted to understand the entire situation first, and the potential punishment before allowing anything to get to my team. The major thing in these situations is that you are potentially cooling the situation off, and stopping any unnecessary punishments from people who have nothing better to do. Most importantly you are earning respect from your team.

You need to be above your title, don’t be in fear of losing your title. The title means nothing to anyone on your team. That title you cherish puts you in a position to lead and make those under you the next leaders. The new generation of leaders should improve on what you taught them and continue to progress forward beyond their current positions.

If you want to be respected, have loyalty, be inspiring, really make a change, and make true explosive progression wherever you are. Then realize your title means nothing and your people mean everything.

No Titles Just Progress

You are destined to be an amazing leader. You just have to be willing to put your own problems aside and really take action towards leading yourself and others.

Take a true inventory not just of yourself but how you have been treating and leading others. Nothing is more powerful than a person who can inspire, step up, be there, and create lasting change for the better. 

There is no time to hesitate, take action now and make the difference you have always wanted to. Check out the Goals and Vision training and get your mind focused in the right direction. Start to understand how you think, and quite all the BS in your head. Get to the root and achieve your true leadership potential NOW.

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