3 Important Questions

3 Important Questions

When we are driven, we are looking to achieve something that we have wanted to accomplish not something we have been told to accomplish.There are 3 important questions to ask yourself that will help you decipher any path. One main idea is knowing the difference between being told and doing it on our own. Understanding this could be the difference between success, happiness, and failure, unhappiness.

So what’s the big deal between being told and doing it on your own? Being told is like your parents telling you to clean your room. You are reluctant, but you know you have to do it, or you won’t be on your parent’s good side. In your career you know there is a certain performance standard you have to maintain or you are less likely to get a promotion. To some people, this is entirely okay if they don’t get a promotion because they don’t care. They are just going through the motions to get paid, most of the time these people are unhappy. Henry Thoreau, who is famous for many writings including Walden, believed that most people in the world are enslaved. They are enslaved because they will do meaningless tasks without question. It is inevitable in any job that once and a while you will do things you dislike, it is, however, important to note how often this happens. To the person who is just going through the motions, you need to start asking questions. If you are wondering what to ask, do be frustrated. There are 3 important questions to ask yourself that will help you decipher any path.

1) “Does This Fulfill Me?”, Moreover “Has It Ever”:

Sometimes we get a job, and it will fulfill us for awhile and then all the sudden the fulfillment stops. Determine that point, at this point you have learned everything you needed to from that experience. On the other hand if the answer to either or both of these questions is no, don’t worry all hope is not lost. You need to find the drive in your life, the thing that as a kid would make us explore and experience. We are all born with it; it cannot be taken from you but what society and your environment can do to the driver is put it on mute. Recognizing that this driver is inside of you is the most significant and powerful step you can take to a healthy, happy life. There will be times when you love your job only to discover one day it isn’t what you want anymore. At that moment, your driver is letting you know it is time to progress forward.

2) How Do I Become Driven or Alive Again?:

I am sure you had felt driven or alive at least once in your life maybe it was when you jumped off the high dive, went camping for the first time. Maybe it was when you jumped out of a plane (with a parachute of course) or quit an old job for a new better job.  When you are driven you do things with self-guidance, you will train with purpose, you will discover new ways to do things. More importantly, you will feel compelled to help, and you will ultimately excel all on your own. You will bring all of your experience in, and allow it to propel you forward. The driving force inside you can either be muted or turned up. Very few of us have tried to turn up our voice, but this voice guides our drive. The fear associated with listening to the voice is what a negative environment will help cultivate. So get rid of your negative environment immediately. The most successful people have the drive, they have heard their voice and continue to develop it daily. These driven people feel alive and have chosen to take a stand for themselves today, so they can ultimately serve the world tomorrow. I will not sugar coat this, it will be scary, you will be confronted by many obstacles. It is up to you to break through these barriers and realize your true potential.

3) How Do I Define My Environment?:

Don’t let society tell you, to live your life one way when you are meant to live another. I’ll give an example from my life. When I was growing up, I was always told I had to go to college so I could get a good job and make a lot of money. I was allowing society to mute my drive and dictate every decision I made. I, however, felt compelled to postpone college for the military, and I can say without a doubt that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Even though everything about it was unknown, I continued to follow my drive and accomplished many things. I do believe in the education of one’s self, so we as a collective body can make better-informed decisions. So after my military experience, I came back to college to get more educated, is college necessary? No, I have many friends who are very successful without college. We all want what is best for ourselves and our families, the means in which you do that can be sparked by listening to your drive. When you listen, you feel more alive. The positive network around you will be your biggest supporter.

Believe in yourself, everything up until now has given you a lesson to propel you forward. Don’t you want to see what your potential is? Don’t you want the world to experience your gifts? Isn’t there something more you could be doing? Wouldn’t it be nice to be happy every day of your life? You are ready, turn up your drive and feel alive.

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